Monday, March 10, 2008

Endings by Melissa Koosmann


I lost the tiny porcelain
lion on the lawn,
and after the mower passed,
his nose had vanished.
I became our leader, judging our predicaments
(the capture of the headless turtle, Shy),
declaring where to look
(under the deck), my face sore,
or gone, or stripped of function. After
my mistake, the lion
had perpetual congestion and couldn’t
pronounce his Ms and Ns.
“I ab kig of the juggle,”
I said with authority. I wanted
to be real, to prove the world—
mind from all sides.

--first published in Diagram.

Melissa Koosman is a graduate of the University of Arizona MFA program in poetry. Her poems have appeared in The Indiana Review, Diagram, Coconut, and other journals.

Endings, the first chapbook by both Melissa Koosmann and Flying Guillotine, is a 20 page hand-bound book featuring a linocut by Lawrence Spangenberg.

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bc said...

I just received my copy of Endings. It's very beautiful from the outside in- other people should buy it!