Sunday, June 29, 2008

X-Ray by Michael Rerick

--from X-Ray

In and over folds form and form it. At night, wet under
rags: as if I never touched it—
when fired, it is fire—
cut from the ground, it wants to be clay.
My hands, like butterflies in mud, let my fingers be furious.

Floating. A railroad spike through my chest
and into the mattress, but the stomach, it
floats. I see it rising, and I’m with it, though
my chest is sinking, there is the stomach,

Michael Rerick schools in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has poems in EOAGH, Greatcoat, and Words on Walls.

X-Ray is a 32 page, hand-bound chapbook by Michael Rerick.

Only $9.00! That includes shipping and manhandling.

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Melandy Koosinger said...

How much for a subscription to Flying Guillotine, eh?

Sommer said...

oh man. what a question. are you sure you want to ask it?

we'll have an answer shortly.