Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God, Sebastian, Amy by Ana Božičević

Cittadino in Campagna di New Jersey

The green by itself didn't mean anything;
it needed shapes to inform it.

The long hope of the long hill—
the incline spoke, the hill didn't.

On the burnt dog-grass, at the foot of the V tree
its shadow drew an X. —Me, a denominator?

—No, you were the line in tree's fraction:
one present point where bird-life in the crown

divided by death on the grass, equaled a soul…
The hill curved, now in starlight.

There was a sensation of falling. And how the hill changed.
—& the length of hope? —Didn't. Only the soul—

The soul was painted over and over, like an outlet.

Ana Božičević emigrated to NYC from Croatia in 1997. Her first book, Stars of the Night Commute, will be published by Tarpaulin Sky Press in Fall 2009.

God, Sebastian, Amy is a 28 page, hand stitched book of poems printed in an edition of 74. There are three different covers with photographs by Shannon Davies and Tony Mancus. They are bound with red string!

The Many Articulated Love It!



Sofierilla said...

I like the idea behind the flying guillotine. Have you folks seen this yet? Really well done, check it out.


lisa schamess said...

is this really really REALLY sold out, or just really really sold out, or just sold out? in other words, may i have one? i would like to give it to a friend by June 20.

along with some other sold out ones.