Friday, December 31, 2010

Announcing the 2011 Line-Up!

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our open reading period. We received 124 submissions (our largest ever) and had a difficult job choosing what to publish. After careful consideration, we chose the following four chapbooks to publish in 2011 (that's a prime number, by the way, a sexy prime, as a matter of fact):

Sasha Steensen's
A History of the Human Family

Philip Metres' The Abu Ghraib Arias
Serena Chopra's Penumbra
Theresa Sotto's Hinge

If you are in Washington, DC February 2-5, please visit us at the AWP Bookfair and attend our small press reading on Friday the 4th at Wonderland Ballroom. Mark Horosky & Sasha Steensen will be there to represent represent.

And, especially, to see more of these trucks click here.

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