Saturday, February 19, 2011

Annoucing the Flying Guillotine Subscription!

 That's a buttload of books.

And so is this, without the butt, though: 
Receive every book Flying Guillotine publishes in 2011 for the low price of $25!!


Sasha Steensen's
A History of the Human Family

Philip Metres' The Abu Ghraib Arias
Serena Chopra's Penumbra
& Theresa Sotto's Hinge

Sign up with the PayPal button below or send us a check (email us and we'll send you an address). 

N.B.--If you're expecting or have already purchased Sasha's book, but want to take advantage of our subscription price, we'll trade her book for a copy of Mark Horosky's More Frisk Than Risk or Matt Sadler's Tiny Tsunami while supplies last! I like this salesperson speak. 
Please let us know which you'd prefer.

And, finally, lovely people who submitted to our open reading period, your copy of A History of the Human Family is going out this week!

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