Friday, October 11, 2013

Announcing the Release of Stephanie Balzer's Chapbook

WED JAN 30 12:58:10 2013 
THU DEC 20 14:16:36 2012 

An Elegy

Stephanie's Balzer's latest chapbook is a naked elegy in fragments. Exactly a year after her comrade's battle with cystic fibrosis, she began to chronicle the events and convoluted emotions of his last month in the hospital. Her witness, told in snapshots posted to Twitter, is an inverted, honest, surprisingly playful narrative of grief and love.

ICUs are violent. one night a person coded in the                                       Sat Dec 29 04:04:09 2012
room directly in my line of sight. an alarm sounded
& bell flashed. i stood up & watched.

holding his hand i narrated it to him, sedated, the                                         Fri Dec 28 23:34:13 2012
people eating live scorpions, in an attempt to be
normal. it was evening.

each contestant dove into a vat of black oil to find                                        Fri Dec 28 23:29:33 2012
a gallon paint container. inside were live scorpions
for opposing team members to eat.

one night “fear factor” came on. i left it because                                           Fri Dec 28 23:28:51 2012
we’d had a convo a few weeks earlier about how
much we hate joe rogan.

WED JAN 30 12:58:10 2013 — THU DEC 20 14:16:36 2012 is a perfect bound chapbook by Stephanie Balzer and designed by Michael Flatt.

Stephanie Balzer earned her MFA from the University of Arizona in 2004. Her chapbooks include Revenant (Kore Press) and faster, faster (CUE Editions). 

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