Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Announcing the Release of Cabin Fever/Fossil Record by Dan Brady

Cabin Fever/Fossil Record

Dan Brady's new chapbook is an accumulation and an erasure, it's a mystery and a maze with the key built into its guts. The book contains two poems that are a part of what Brady's been calling Leroy Sequences. He explains a bit about the process here. The form of these pieces really works to amplify and distort the content. It's hard to capture just what the poems do, so you might well have to grab a copy and see for yourself. Just know that it's something that can alter the way you are in the world in the way that good things do.

From Cabin Fever

From Fossil Record

    Cabin Fever/Fossil Record 
is a hybrid, hand-sewn dos-a-dos binding 
with covers designed by Sommer Browning and Tony Mancus. 

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